Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Now the celebrated restaurant Noma helvegetarisk – Expressen

It was the best in the world, and then it was not there anymore.

Soon, Copenhagen tavern Noma undergo dramatic changes.

Among other things, it becomes helvegetarisk half of the year and should grow their own crops.

– We need a full-time farmer with a team, says owner René Redzepi to the New York Times.

The winds of change blowing in Copenhagen tavern Noma, which last year was designated the world best restaurant but this year ended up third on the podium.

In 2017, the restaurant by going dramatic changes, says owner René Redzepi for the New York Times.

According to the newspaper, the restaurant shall move to a run area outside of Christiania, and among other things, get your very own farm.

– It is logical to do this. It is logical to have his own farm, when you have a restaurant of this caliber, says René Redzepi to the New York Times.

Among other things, promised a greenhouse on top of a rooftop and plantations on a huge raft.

– We need a full-time farmer with a team, says René Redzapi.

New York chef Dan Barber points out to the newspaper that it is risky to own plantations. While one can imagine that it gives increased control may actually be counterproductive if such crops do not produce the crop or the amount of crops they had hoped for.

In addition, the restaurant become more seasons emphasized. In the fall it will be completely höstiga ingredients such as game, berries and mushrooms.

In the winter when the fish are most romfyllda should Noma to be a fish restaurant.

Most dramatic is perhaps the restaurant During the spring and summer turns green, then completely vegetarian half of the year.

– The world is green, and likewise the menu says René Redzapi.

On New Year’s Eve 2016 Noma open for the last time its current form. 2017 hopes René Redzapi open up the restaurant in its new, half-green guise.


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