Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Katrin Zytomierskas kroppshån notified – Aftonbladet

Katrin Zytomierskas attacks in TV4′s “Malou after ten” have been notified to the Review Board.

Six viewers have reported the channel and call the element of “discriminatory,” “insulting “” oppression “.

– She is allowed to spew hatred, writes a disgruntled viewers.

The blogger Katrin Zytomierskas participation in TV4′s “Malou after ten” on September 21, aroused heated debate. Then the Zytomierska havoc with radio program host Stina Wollters body, as was shown in the program in a video. The reactions were not long in coming. The element has received massive criticism, and Stina himself expressed his disappointment TV4′s way of handling the debate.

“I feel so cheated and sad, used and abused. It stings the throat of the same garb as svidit as long as I can remember when someone treated me unfairly, “wrote Wollter on Instagram.

Now, six viewers notified TV4 element to the Review Board.

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“Believe me not to have to sit and be offended”

“The element of Zytomierska is clearly discriminatory. Had she been talking about a different group than obese so had TV4 violated broadcast” writes one viewer.

“I do not consider myself having to sit and be offended, unsuspecting when I see the morning program,” writes another.

“She is allowed to spew out a hatred and contempt against the obese, “wrote a third.

TV4′s press manager Malin Lindahl Born comments:

– Malou has already commented on the whole and bite sorry for Stina Wollters images. We have nothing more to add, but will of course respond to the Review Board issues, she writes in an email to Aftonbladet.

‘deeply unfortunate’

The host Malou von Sivers has previously commented on the incident on TV4′s website.

“Unfortunately, we showed only pictures of Stina Wollter during the call, which was deeply unhappy. It was a mistake. Our idea was to show a series of images in many different women showing off their bodies with pride on social media. Stina Wollter have been hurt and felt insulted and it is deeply regrettable, “she writes.

Even Zytomierska has pudlat considerably and apologized for his statements:

” To start With so I want to sincerely apologize to the people who have taken offense at things I said in the program. Pardon. What I wanted to get up, I was not articulate properly, and I’m very sorry. “

Aftonbladet have searched Malou von Sivers.

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