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Aviciis future statements after the last game again – Expressen

Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling’s last gig in Sweden was emotional for the DJ – afterwards ignored he afterparty to spend time with his family and friends at four in the morning.

the World Star’s resignation was filmed and will be released as a movie.

– Tim was happy afterwards, but it was a very emotional gig, says his friend and organizer Ali Eftekhari.

Tim “Avicii” Berg Ling, 26, began to load up before his last Swedish gig already in the morning yesterday.

“in a few hours I make my last gig ever in Sweden. this will be fun Malmo, “he wrote then on Instagram.

at 22 o’clock took the Swedish superstar on stage, at midnight, he said goodbye to his Scandinavian fans. Today, he thanks his audience once again.

“Thanks Malmö for a magical last gig in Sweden,” writes Avicii on Instagram.

After the gig did not care he was to go on Official after party at Club 11 in Malmo. Instead sat Tim Berg Ling left the stage area with his family and close friends, tells Ali Eftekhari on the organizer Two Friends.

– He was absolutely lyrical afterwards. We sat at four in the morning out there, just talked, had fun and hanging out with his family and friends. It was very nice. He was super happy with the gig, he says.


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Aviciis farewell released that movie

Ali Eftekhari, which is also close friend of the dJ says that Avicii was very moved by his appearance.

– Tim was happy afterwards, but it was a very emotional gig. Especially because it was his last Swedish gig, and so he had family, friends and childhood friends there, so it was a very moving gig for Tim, but a fun ending to his last tour.

15 000 tickets were sold outside the stage area were hundreds of people who failed to get tickets. But those who did not see Aviciis farewell live can take comfort in that there will be a film, says Ali Eftekhari.

– It was filmed by Aviciis own production team, it will be released as recaps from the party. Most things he wants to save as a memorial to himself, his last show for Sweden.

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Tim Berg Ling will focus on health

It was in March this year as Avicii, announced that he would quit touring to focus on themselves and their interests.

Now it remains 9 gigs of Aviciis last tour – in the evening, he plays in Ibiza, Spain.

Then he will focus on his health.

– he will focus a lot on feel good, enjoy life , produce. Doing what he loves simply said Eftekhari.

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