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Dj wife and vet Sofie Prydz is new Hollywoodfru – Aftonbladet

Hollywood. mother of two, a veterinarian and married with world renowned DJ.

Sofie Prydz hesitated a long time before she agreed to become one of two new participants in the “Swedish Hollywood Wives”.

– I said yes after a pleasant evening with a lot of wine, she said.

the 34-year-old Stockholm girl smiling over the memory of Thanksgiving celebrations in November when she receives Nöjesbladet the pool outside the large luxury villa beneath the classic Hollywood sign in the Hollywood Hills.

– I turned down several times. I have always been incredibly focused. I have been focused on becoming a cruel veterinarian, a good mother and to take care of the family. There has not been room for anything else.

But in November the situation was different.

– For the first time in a decade, I had a period of three months where I had nothing to do. I had made it clear education, moved here, got a part-time job as a veterinarian and waited for full time.

– I found that I had been so hard on myself. I thought, “Unleashing a bit, do something completely different now that there is a chance” (laughter).

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the house cost 45 million

In four years, she has, the dJ star Eric Prydz , the couple’s two children, Leja , 5, and Elliot , soon three, and their two dogs and two cats had Los Angeles as a base.

– Eric has most of his career here. When we have children, it was tough to be away so much. We came here to try to stay here for a year. It was in November 2012.

She throws out her arms.

– Now we left. We love it here.

It is not hard to understand her. The house which, according to public documents bought for just over SEK 45 million is large and inviting. On the plot swaying palm trees and one of the two “guest houses” contains her and her husband specially appointed offices and recording studio.

– I was so scared when we were moving. I had all the family and friends at home. I thought that it would be difficult to build something new in a new place. But it was only a few days. Now we are tight with a great bunch we like. Lifestyle-wise, it fits perfectly with children and animals.

Faithful viewers of the series

Today makes Sofie internship in a large animal hospital.

– Think “Grey’s Anatomy” . They all understand, she says.

The days are long, “at least twelve hours, so far, never shorter than 13″. She thus corresponds not the stereotypes we have of Hollywood Wives.

On the question of precisely what leads to clashes with the other profiles she smiles mysteriously.

– You may look, she says.

World, she threw herself into, however, was no surprise. She calls herself a fan of the series and says that she followed the wives fortunes on and off for several years.

– I have sat and bred and seen those crazy cartoon characters.

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“Most chaos advantageous Watched”

asked if she changed my opinion about them since she worked with them, shaking her head.

– No, they’re probably just as they are produced.

she calls the first meeting nervously.

– I had seen the last episode last season. It was the most advantageous chaos I’ve seen. These women are behaving like animals. Then take the step over my doorstep for us to get to know each other. It was a really strange situation.

The series has been especially made Maria Montazami and Gunilla Persson super celebrities in Sweden. Now Sofie embark on the same path.

– I do not think it will be so. I live here and I work so much. No one can reach me here, she says.

Wish Britt Ekland was left

The question what she hopes participation will lead to shrugs her shoulders at.

– A goal in life is to have fun and do something completely different than what I’ve done so far. I had never done anything like this before.

She does not know how she agrees to a possible continuation.

– Right now it’s about getting together the schedule. Whether I like it or not, there is no opportunity to be with next season. I work too much.

Before we part recur subject. Sophie says she wished that Britt Ekland had been left in “Swedish Hollywood Wives”.

– her I had wanted to meet. She seems like a lovely gunpowder woman.

She laughs.

– If Britt comes back I set up again.

The tenth season of “Swedish Hollywood Wives” premiere on TV3 in September.

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