Wednesday, August 3, 2016

Håkan Hellström Release New Album – Expressen

Hakan Hellstrom release the new album.

The album “Set You Free” is released on August 26th.

It reveals Håkan Hellström on his Instagramsida .

One of the greatest artists in Sweden, Håkan Hellström, 42, releases new album.

On August 26, his album “You old you free “- the artist’s eighth album in order.

Hakan Hellstrom released the good news with date and name of the album on his Instagramsida, along with a video.

in the video appears a small girl walking with her mother in a second hand store with a song in English plays in the background. It is not Håkan Hellström, who sings in the video. The girl in the video, buy and put a puzzle, forming the words “Håkan Hellström at the Opera” with among other things a cartoon elephant.

The video ends with the name “You Free” is presented, followed by the date August 26th.


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Hakan Hellstrom was a success at the Ullevi

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the eighth full-length album of Håkan Hellström follow the EP “1974″ which he released in the spring. The EP contains four songs, including the single “Your time will come.”

Hakan Hellstrom was a huge success when he sold out Ullevi two days in a row in early June, which hit a record two days in a row. It followed his sold-out concert at the same arena in his hometown in 2014.

The final concert at Ullevi got five wasps of Expressen’s music editor Anders Nunstedt, who praised Hakan Hellstrom scennärvo.

“As a live performer keeps Håkan Hellström international world class. Hakan have that immersive, empathetic heart. Public contact is complete. Nothing short of aces at his side, but the fans are his main band member and Ullevi Stadium Concert the most important instrument. ” wrote Anders Nunstedt after record the concert.

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