Monday, August 1, 2016

Iman Aldebe is Brajt but no narrator – Aftonbladet

A female 31-year-old Sweden Born Muslim fashion designers of Jordanian descent, Iman Aldebe, succeeded in the afternoon with their Summer dispel the amounts Swedes prejudices about immigrants in general and Muslims in particular.

She was just normal! Sana they are!

Aldebe is Brajt and well-educated, self-confident and independent. She is both a lawyer and entrepreneur in the fashion industry. She modernizes – under resistance – fashion for women who want to dress traditionally and religiously. She contributes to Sweden’s export earnings.

It is success story. The program was more instructive and thought-provoking than entertaining; Aldebe had an honest, girly look. The tone was näpen. There were two stockholmskt “like” in every sentence.

But she burst into storytelling. There was rarely a point. A depiction of a brother who died suddenly was hanging completely in the air. She sounded unduly naive. “Hatred is online.” She said that she wanted to be “inclusive, I want to build bridges”. But usually missing episodes moral.

Still – she told how she sometimes worked so hard that she hit the wall.

Typically Swedish, huh? No, but an example of the sound of the multicultural society in which we collectively create: We become more equal for every day.

The music was original, both beautiful oriental and fun suburban rap. But – of course not true hallmark of Swedish summer, a Taubelåt. Aldebe is forgiven. Multi-cultivated can not digest it all.


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