Friday, August 5, 2016

Rebekah Heather: So good was Giganten last concert Sweden – Aftonbladet

With laser, fireworks and pyro took Avicii an impressive farewell to his Swedish audience.

DJ star seemed satisfied with her performance.

but Nöjesbladet Rebekah Heather is not as impressed. She has no contact.

Just five years ago, the Tim Berg Ling , aka Avicii, through the mega-hit “Levels”. Much has happened since then. Sweden’s biggest DJs have remixed Madonna , has been remixed by Skrillex (with much more!) And become both laughed, thunder acclaimed and a favorite among both children and the elderly.

It’s been hard to tour – and party – around the world. The producer and the artist had to cancel an entire tour because of health problems.

Now he looks happy, perhaps even relieved, out of his huge booths between powerful projections. Malmo witnessing the supposedly Aviciis last concert in Sweden. But Bergeling’m not going to leave the music, but intends to continue producing.

Sometimes it like he is floating on clouds, thanks to the cool and lavish visuals. Sometimes he stands in a feline threatening gaps. He pours unrestrained on with pyrotechnics, lasers, smoke and confetti, as it should be when one should do a farewell to a feast, instead of depressed.

During the two hours running Avicii all the time his sly dance from side to page, mimes with the songs and raises his hand to keep the pace up with the crowd bouncing, crank arms in the classic EDM mannerisms and roar sing along, loudly.

When Prince Carl Philip would marry Avicii was invited into the Royal dJ booth and the prince actually anticipated in the crowd in the park this evening. He is one of fifteen thousand people from Sweden and other countries that have signed up.

The song list is hit parade. Understood. How can it be otherwise when the industrious list climber is behind it? We hear, for example Aviciis club remix of Robyn’s “Hang With Me”, densammes remix of Coldplay’s “Every Teardrop is a Waterfall”, “Super Love” which he made with Lenny Kravitz alias trousers and serious audience favorites like “Waiting for Love”, “Hey Brother” and “The nights” …

“I could be the one” thunders also out of the sound system. It has Avicii done with Nicky Romero . And Romero in town. But there is still nothing hanging on the stage. And there is one of my arguments for why this was not an entirely ultimate concert.

You have so incredibly many friends and acquaintances, Avicii. Where are they? Why visits none, with such a real voice in the mic?

And why say you are no more than a few sentences into the microphone, to the thousands that have appeared up because they will miss you and want to see you in reality once before it is too late? Do you know what the ticket cost?

I can appreciate that Avicii does not seem to be the type who wants to be photographed for the magazine or have a reality show. He seems to prefer to work with the music. I respect that.

But when a well standing there on the stage, the audience actually entitled to expect some contact. I think the spectators in Pildammsparken feels a little sleepy now and then, and could well imagine that it is because the concert’s most floating on as if it were completely pre-programmed, without surprises or words.

before his audience wooing thousands of sending up fireworks to the eternal hit “Levels” says Avicii evening’s only audible words: “Malmo! Thanks like hell tonight! This was the best last gig in Sweden I could have had! “.

I agree, unfortunately not.


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