Saturday, August 13, 2016

José González makes those tough questions – Expressen

José González is the summer host. For once, take a hold of those deep, difficult, unpleasant questions.

The singer and musician starts its program from the ocean floor and the Milky Way’s outskirts. He starts at the Big Bang and leads us all the way to the present – to the fraction of the history of the universe as we humans have existed. Then he puts the question that more people should ask more often:

– Here I sit, in a very eventful period in our solar system, perhaps in the entire universe. Who should we thank?

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There is a problem in the formulation of José González question . For it is not about “Who”; José González, like me, is an atheist. I engulfed by his ingenious ways to drive his thesis by a refined thought experiment.

There is a colony translucent Smurfs ten billion light years away, on a purple planet. Top Smurf Before can keep track of all living beings in our universe, and look over our desires. But to get reborn as transparent Smurf, which all should aspire to, should not stop a carrot in his neighbor’s ear.

Yes, you are probably an atheist when it comes smurfism. You probably dismiss the above claims to divine truth. However, if you replace certain words and develops the claim will, after all, closer to other major world views. So why not go one god further?

It is not arrogant to way over someone’s faith and demonstrate that there is no evidence for some claims, says González. A little rain on the parade never hurt.

To listen to his sommarprat filled me with inspiration. His explanations and comments about their own and others’ worldviews, cortex, God, the human genome, discrimination and many other difficult issues deserve to reach out.


I ensures that you do not pick out the headphones without having received new, useful insights.

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