Friday, January 27, 2017

“Book of mormon” resounding success”

A good musical, a crackling set, and lots of laughter.

on Top of that eight young gentlemen in a brilliant male mormonbalett.

Then you can’t call the "Book of mormon" for anything other than a resounding success.

Fresh missionaries to be sent out into the world to save new souls. Elder Price dreams of getting to serve god in Orlando, Florida, but he gets to Uganda, Africa. And his partner will be Elder Cunningham, a man with lousy self-confidence. He is just grateful to have a friend who can’t leave him.

There will be no ordinary clash of cultures, it will be pure disaster, when the two cheeky mormonmissionärerna pull into a village in Uganda, where they suffer from poverty, aids, and a brutal local general.

Satire on the religioneb

the Story evolves into a satire on religion, but are also blend of subtle humor and senseless comedy.

All told at a high pace with several rousing songs, some with african influences, and many good singers. It is great shownummer, stunningly well executed and a colorful delicious staging.

I have seen the original on Broadway, and I miss nothing in this lavish set, which is already so coherent. Impressive.

Linus Wahlgren makes her largest musikalroll ever and is well selected in its role as välkammad polished mormonmissionär with a dazzling smile. He grows in the role, when he is hit by the african reality, doubt in his faith, and sinks so deep that he starts drinking coffee.

the Smell of success the long way

Per Andersson is the comic engine, of course, but is disciplined in her role as the little osäkre missionary. He has not read the book, so he had to improvise until their own version – that captivates the audience. He also has a few scenes where he’s downright touching.

And so it is, then the eight gentlemen in white shirts and dark ties who is dancing out his frustration, led by the unctuous smilande Anton Lundqvist. There is a steppnummer that gets the crowd to cheer.

"the Book of mormon," the smell of success a long way.


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