Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The thieves stole valuables for over a million dollars – the newspaper Aftonbladet

the Thieves stole valuables for over a million dollars

When the pair of Efva Attling and Eva Dahlgren came home from vacation, they were met by an unpleasant discovery.

the apartment door was open – they had had spite it’s forbidden) by the thieves.

the Offenders had come over belongings worth over 1 million.

the Pair had been out of town for 14 days over new year and came home at the end of last week.

Exactly when in the period the perpetrators struck at is not investigated.

the Thieves had managed to enter without breaking in, there was no visible damage on the front door. As stated in the notification, it is just a few affiliates who have access to the keys, including the cleaner.

Safe destroyed

They soon discovered that the thieves got up from the kitchen and they had also left other traces behind.

the Couple was able to conclude that there was a lack of a variety of valuables, such as jewelry, märkesväskor, watches, computers and mobile phones.

the Value of the stolen is estimated to amount to at least sek 1 million.

Track secured

When the police was alerted sent technician out who was able to secure several tracks. Police investigating authority Stefan Tellqvist, who is dealing with the matter, is frugal with the details but in brief:

– the criminal Investigation is ongoing, the technical investigation is made, and the track is sent to the NFC. (National forensiskt center)

Efva Attling, former artist and model, is today one of Sweden’s more well-known designers of jewelry. She has received the medal of the Royal patriotic society for its successful business.

Aftonbladet have searched both her and his wife, award-winning artist Eva Dahlgren, and their press contacts for a comment.


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