Saturday, January 21, 2017

Gunnel of the Peace frank program one of the best – Aftonbladet

Gunnel Fred was one of the two Stars at the castle we knew the least about.
Now it feels like we know everything.
Therefore, her section is one of the better programs in all of tv-series history.

The 61-year-old actress and Sofia Ledarp, 42, were the two a little more anonymous by the year’s Stars at the castle. Perhaps most Gunnel Fred, then she in the 2000s, at the side of the minor television and film roles, most have appeared on the royal dramatic theatre, stockholm.
We who are in the same generation remember her, of course, already from the beginning.
We remember "On palm leaves and roses" in 1976, it was a nice -adaptation. And yes, at least we of the male sex, remember of course that it was a very beautiful and naked young woman bathing in sauna with Janne "Loffe" Carlsson and two other men.

Had no the idea that the reactions to her nude role was so big consequences for her. Fans who wrote letters, called and stood outside of her window. Nazis who thought she was a good representative of the aryan race.
It is a nice bunch this year. Perhaps that is why it is so easy for the Stars to light their hearts. Sofia Ledarp and Lia Boysen that is curiously wondering. Johannes Brost and Magnus Uggla that is, but at the same time shed funny and scathing comments.
We got The Gunnel Fred story. Both th e with – and adversity.
hit movies as "Jack", "Hassles", "Åke and his world" and a couple of Lars Molinproductions. Humorserien "Lorry".

But also fashion talk about her recurring depression, as once did that she ended up on the psyche a time. The quarrel about a piece on the royal dramatic theatre in stockholm, as she jumped off. When the stockade itself, the voice a little bit of joy over how the stage hands had set up for her and said that it was the other, who was the bad guys. The recognition that it was not at all fun to work with Ingmar Bergman (1918-2007), then he did all terrified.
She spoke both of love and respectful of fathers to his two daughters – Stefan Ekman and Peter Dalle. Why love occurred and why it took the end of the year.
And of course it was unexpected bonus details to get to know that the Peter Dalle-replica as the colour of the all-time best in american film, when he says that a woman should be Horny, happy and grateful, was something he had said to the right Gunnel Fred when they had a quarrel.


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