Saturday, January 21, 2017

She was expanding the biggest winners – the Express newspaper

Håkan Hellström won the Guldmicken.

the gold watch went to the Kent.

But the P3 guld-galan big winner was Miriam Bryant.

the target Audience for P3 is nine to 35 years.

That explains a part of this gala. For example, why Peg Parnevik got a prize as newcomer of the Year. As well as some of sketcherna and the big amount of anonymous performances.

Why the nominations prioritize youth in front of routine. Although there are exceptions.

Zara Larsson won the course prize, but skipped the gala for the job in LA. She is already too good for a P3 guld. Her appearance at the MTV gala in Amsterdam in the autumn pulverised everything that stood on the stage in the Partille Arena on Saturday evening.

Håkan Hellström won a prize as the year’s best live artist. Håkan is 42 years of age, but everything else than a win would have been a röstchock after his livetriumfer in 2016.

Kent won a prize, this Year’s group. Well deserved, even if the award felt a bit like a gold watch for long and faithful services – Kent was not even on the list of P3′s ten most played songs in the last year (most played was Galantis “No money”, and the dj duo also won the prize as this Year’s dance). They were not with at the gala.

” Was it someone who thought that Kent would show up or, asked Miriam Bryant when she accepted the prize in the quartet’s absence.

And added in the same moment a little much-needed irony to the event, which held on to forget all what is entertainment called in their artistic ambitions and their political pretentiousness.

After the tacktalet belonged to the P3 Gold Miriam Bryant, which not only slashed gravallvaret with his relaxed attitude, but also won a prize (this Year’s song: “Black car”) and shut the whole party with a nice performance of “Everything”.

Miriam Bryant, 25, has still only released a single album, but she is on track to establish itself as one of our great artists.

this gala, she was gold.


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