Friday, January 20, 2017

The criticism of the “On track”: “Is a useless feature” – Expressen

No bold travelers just in this week’s "On track".

a Steady match, but the winners ‘ poängsiffra was low.

the Debut of both teams and they traveled slowly and carefully.

the Law: Bea Uusma, doctor, author, and Kristoffer Appelquist, comedian, had a different body language. She is enthusiastic, easy flapping, he’s quiet, safe and a entertaining supplier of snustorr sense of humor.

Ronny Svensson, film critic, former drummer, and Anne-Lie Rydé, versatile artist in 40 years. They have known each other since the 70′s and they felt instantly attuned. Hugged and grattispussad each other.

Match: Cautious teams, save the trace out on the trips. Weak on questions. In Örebro took both teams three-pointer at the heritage centre and Kajsa Warg, but otherwise it was thin, mostly ones and zeros.

the Exception was the musikfrågorna, where Ronny & Rydé picked home all the. Impressive to Rydé could 50-talssångerskan Thory Bernards.

the First trip: san diego. Slow start, no one was on the right track until the six points, when it started to rain well-known names from the city. Ronny & Rydé a little ahead in Örebro.

the Second journey: Tehran. Pending trip here also, where Uusma & Appelquist arrived first. A very low score on the questions.

the Third journey: Manchester. Where it all began, Bea Uusma sing from the musical "Hair" even at eight and the quote was absolutely right.

the List: Astrid Lindgren. Both shot when it came to pointing out the four texts of eight.

the List is the new element that Kristian Luuk rejoices over every week, but this far into the season are probably all agreed that it is a useless feature.

Embarrassing: film critic Ronny Svensson was ashamed but did not come on the movie about the hostages in Tehran: "Argo"

Wry hint: the balts in the city’s outskirts – esther in Manchester

Winner: Ronny & Rydé with 29-26. The second worst segersiffran.


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