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We have played golf together several times and I run on … – Aftonbladet

"We have among other things played golf together several times and I run into him every now and then"

He write the hits, touring around the globe and visit Sommarkrysset, Joshua Radin is the averages with a private single, he now tells if avsmaken for fame, love and unexpected friendship – Måns Zelmerlöw.

– We met through a mutual friend many years ago. We have among other things played golf together, ” says the star.

Joshua Radin writes hit songs, touring around the world and have visited Swedish tv-shows such as "Sommarkrysset" and "allsång på Skansen". Even so, he barely recognised on the street.

– My fans are very respectful. No one follows me. It is not like I am the Justin Timberlake. I love being able to live my own life. I don’t know how more artists can manage. It must be a nightmare to not have any privacy, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

the Fact is that Joshua Radin never thought about becoming an artist, ” he says. Today he is 46 years. But it was not until he was 30 that he began to sing outside the car and the shower.

a Lot of Radins music has been written in Sweden. He has spent several summers here and consider themselves to have more friends here than in Los Angeles, where he lives.

– When it comes to dating as I have dated several Swedish women than american women. But if I fall in love with and marry a Swedish woman so I would be able to imagine spending half the time in Sweden and the rest in Los Angeles.

"don’t Date famous women"

For the moment, is Radin single.

– I have no gf. Not anymore. I’m not sure what will happen between me and this woman. We have been on and off for so long. Right now it is. It can get on again. I’m not sure. It is difficult to define right now.

to handle the feelings he writes music. According to Radin, he has been heart broken once.

– It was several years ago. But I got many albums from her.

When it comes to finding a partner, there is one thing that Radin is not interested in. Famous people.

– I don’t date famous women. Never. I would never want to be in the world among the paparazzi. It is disgusting. I have no interest in dating any celebrity. Do you do it, you live in a glass bubble, a fish bowl. There are too many intelligent, funny women who aren’t famous. To be honest, so many famous women I met are not the nicest people. Fame does strange place with people.

Want a child

To get married is not something Radin sees as a must. But he would like to have children.

– I can see myself getting married if I find the right woman. I have nothing against marriage but it does nothing if I do not marry. I don’t care about the document itself. But I would like to have children. It is something I think about more the older I get. I am not stressed but I like where I am in my life. My house is empty. It would be lovely to have a child or two running around.

You seem to be very in touch with your feelings?

– Yeah, I would definitely say. I think a lot of them and it is what I write about. I don’t have a problem with talking about how I feel.

How is it that you are so open?

– For that, I have nothing to hide. I have never done anything bad in my life. There is nothing I am ashamed, ” he says.

Radin about the friendship with Måns Zelmerlöw

– We released a duet together, on one of my songs called "Belong". I came to Stockholm last August, and so we sang it together on the "Sommarkrysset" at Gröna Lund. I have known him for several years. We met through a mutual friend many years ago. We have played golf together several times and I run into him now and then.

Radin on his new album ‘The fall’

– the Album is about a relationship. And the resurrection and the case of the relationship. Fall can mean different things. I did not want people to know if it was about to fall for someone or fall for that a relationship is over. So I guess I want people to listen to the entire album.


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