Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Four dead confirmed after the shootings at the festival – Göteborgs-Posten

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World A festival in the mexican Playa del Carmen has been closed down after the alarm about gunfire, according to the festival BPM. Five people reportedly died and at least 12 persons shall have been damaged, the newspaper Noticaribe. So far the police have confirmed four deaths.

the Joy on the dance floor came to an abrupt end in the early hours at BPM festivals slutfester. One or more perpetrators should have opened fire on two separate avslutningsfester which was held in conjunction with the festival, according to Mixmag.

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at Least five people have died as a result of the shootings, and at least 12 persons shall have been damaged, writes in the mexican newspaper Noticaribe. Four people have been confirmed dead after the shooting, according to news agency AP referring to an anonymous source in the police in Mexico.

the Shooting should according to preliminary data, to be kartellrelaterad. It should have been a direct attack against festivalarrangören, a canadian citizen. The deed is described as an act of revenge, as a result of competing drogförsäljning, orchestrated by the cartel members, the mexican newspaper Noticaribe.

– Someone has arrived at the club in Playa del Carmen and started to shoot. 4-5 dead and many injured. Stay on your fucking hotel whether you are here on the BPM, the type DJ Jackmaster on Twitter.

After a little more than an hour, another update on Jackmasters twitter:

” this is an extremely extremely sad situation. Still trying to understand what it is that has happened. My thoughts and regrets go out to those affected <3

the Task of several people should have been shot have not been confirmed by the mexican authorities. The shooting should, however, have occurred in the middle of the night, which may affect the authorities ‘ response time. In a video posted on Instagram you can see that the party ended and it looks like that the injured is on the dance floor and taken care of.

the BPM Festival is an annual music festival with a focus on electronic music in turistparadiset Playa del Carmen on the yucatan peninsula, just over an hour from Cancun.

– We urge everyone to stay indoors, and keep in touch with your company to ensure that all is okay, write the BPM Festival on his twitter account.


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