Sunday, January 22, 2017

Trump’s team strikes back against the Madonna – Expressen

the international star Madonna revealed that she considered to blow up the White house in the air after Donald Trump’s victory in the us presidential election.

But now Donald Trump’s team is back.

– Now I see in several articles that the secret service, the Secret Service may investigate it there, ” says Kellyanne Conway from Trump’s inner circle, and call Madonna’s statement of “destructive”.

on Saturday held great protestmarscher in several large cities in the united states and around the world. They were organised by women’s movements and the participants hit the guard on women’s freedoms and rights. However, in practice, were the protests a rejection of AMERICA’s newly elected president Donald Trump, who was sworn in on Friday.

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IN the US capital of Washington DC held a huge march, and the speakers succeeded each other from a scene. One of the speakers was the superstar Madonna, 58. She went hard for Donald Trump.

– the Revolution starts here. The fight to get freedom and equality. Let us walk together by this darkness with the knowledge that we are not alone and not afraid.

Donald Trump.Photo: Rex/Shutterstock / REX/SHUTTERSTOCK/IBL REX FEATURES

She also stressed in her speech that she was upset, but that it would not pay to “blow up” the White house.

” I have been thinking a lot about to blow up the White house. But it would not change anything, she said.

on Sunday, several out of Donald Trumps inner circle in various talk shows responded to Madonna’s stunts, and they are not merciful in their criticism of the world cup.

” Can you think of any to say so of president Obama, said White house chief of staff Reince Priebus in the program "Fox News Sunday."

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Donald Trump’s advisor Kellyanne Conway argues that her statement was “destructive”.

– Now I see in several articles that the secret service, the Secret Service may investigate it there, ” she said in the tv channel ABC program “This week”.

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