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Samir and Viktor takes a break – Aftonbladet

Samir: "Viktor became really nasty "

Too many plays made the cut between the pop duo Samir and Viktor.

in Order to be able to work together again, they have taken a break.

– Viktor was really rude and when I said that I do not intend to run when it is this style, ” says Samir Badran Happened.see.

It has the cut out between the Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk. According to Samir, it is because the pop duo made very many appearances during the summer.
"We had an average of 3 concerts a day for a long time, which made it a little too much for both of us," writes Samir on Instagram.

Happened.see tells Samir that he believes that Viktor was rude to him because of the stress.

"Like a brother"

Despite the fact that the duo according to Samir now has drawn a line over what has happened, they have decided to take time away from each other. The decision was taken already in autumn.

It went so far that the duo to temporarily stop the cooperation with the Fredrik Kempe they recorded a new song with. The song would have been released during the autumn. Instead released Samir a song solo.

Viktor Frisk has commented on the conflict on Instagram.

"But even we who are two people with strong characters sometimes need to get away from each other when they worked together a lot. I love Samir and he is like a brother to me. We will not put down Samir&Viktor. We just need time away from each other to become even stronger together!", he writes.

"What is important now"

the Plan now is that new music will be released in the spring. The idea is also that the duo should not have an equally intense schedule.

– But the important thing now is that we plan better and not kill ourselves. We will not take as much gigs as we did before. We will be chilling out a little bit, ” says Samir to Happened.see.

Nöjesbladet have searched Samir Badran and Viktor Frisk.


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