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Carola: that’s Why I didn’t have sex – 14-year – Aftonbladet

want to wait on "the man"

Tumors in the genital area was everywhere.

When the doctor thinks it is weird that she not have noticed something reveals Carola Häggkvist that she has not had sex in 14 years.

– I not found the man I wanted to marry, ” she explains in the program "Renées brygga" in the evening.

Along with comedian Måns Möller, 41, and actor Krister Henriksson, 70, visits Carola Häggkvist, 50, "Renées brygga" in the evening – and it goes from laughter to the deepest earnest.

at first glance, it is the intimacy evident between Carola and Krister when they greet each other before the trek out to the island.

Host Renée Nyberg, 50, who picked up the intimacy wonder if they have been seen before.

Then reveals Krister that they actually had a history. Before he goes he turns to Carol and asks if she understands what he’s going to tell you. She knows just gets more and more embarrassed when he takes the floor.

Talked half the night

– Yes, dude … it is something that had been … a very good reputation, I would like to say. It was amazing because it was the first time I met Carol and we stayed at the hotel in Gothenburg, ” says Krister who got there late in the evening.

It even had Carol and they met in reception. Without further introduction, had the young me asked if the actor had a minibar in the room. Slightly startled, he had invited her up. They had talked and it was late, half past two, half past three in the morning.

Krister repeat time and time again how incomparable he had experienced Carola, who opened up and talked about everything. The next morning he woke up and discovered that she forgot her purse on his bed. A precarious situation, he realized, because both would be affected by the rumor mill if it became known.

Carola himself commenting on the whole with that Krister is a kind of man who "just has it".

"There was respect"

When Renée Nyberg later in the program is alone with Carol and wonder how she really feels, ” says the singer about the extensive surgery she had to do, after the doctors discovered that she had lots of uterine fibroids, which are benign tumors in the uterus.

– I’m a bit damaged in the body and is not in the form that I would like to be. I have operated my belly, removed my one ovary and removed uterus, ” says Carola.

the Doctor thought it was strange that she had not noticed anything.

– the Doctor asked: But have you not felt it when you had sex? But I have actually not slept with someone on the … 14 years. I was waiting for "the man". It is possible, even if you’re dating Kicken, laughing Carola and think it is comical considering all the rumors: "You would only know how it really is. But it was nice, it was respect."

Nöjesbladet have searched for Carola Häggkvist.


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Sources: "Carola would like to have their own tv-series"


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