Tuesday, January 17, 2017

“Carola was about to run me to death” – Expressen

Carola was run to death Renée Nyberg – with a jet-ski.

Now tells the host about the dreary experience.

– It could actually end up really freaking bad, ” she says in “Nyhetsmorgon”.

On Wednesday evening, broadcasting TV4 the season’s second episode of “Renées brygga”. In this section, visited the tv host Renée Nyberg of the actor Krister Henriksson, the comedian Måns Möller and singer Carola Häggkvist.

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IN TV4:s “Nyhetsmorgon” says Renée Nyberg that it was going to go really bad during the recording. She kept on getting run over by Carola – on a jetski.

– It begins with Carola are, in fact, run me to death and Krister Henriksson on a jet ski. It had actually been able to quit so damn bad, ” says Renée Nyberg in “Nyhetsmorgon” and continues:

– If you had a prejudice about Carola, I mean we know that she is a fortkörare will be confirmed.

Despite the fact that Carola was about to take her by daga said Renée Nyberg that she’s got a nice touch with the “Whirlwind”-the singer.

– Despite the fact that Carola is the our Carola in any way so I have actually yet known that she has been a bit of a stranger to me, to be a little quirky. I think I got to know her and that I came a little closer to her in several ways, ” says Renée Nyberg in the program.

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Renée Nyberg also explains that She and Krister Henriksson got a nice contact during the program.

– You can very much say that they found each other. And it turned out that they actually have met before, in a tv context, and found each other very well. In the program, they will talk about it here, which was to lead to a reputation as Henriksson share.


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