Sunday, January 29, 2017

Sven Wollter nice gesture – gave the king’s medal to his dead mother – Aftonbladet

"the Price has gone to my mother and is buried in her grave"

Actor Sven Wollter, 83, visited during the morning Söndagsintervjun in P1 where he among other things told us about the family, tältprojektet and if the price he received from the king.

“I dug down in my mother’s grave,” he tells us in the program.

Actor Sven Wollter sang during the Sunday morning Swedish Radio P1, where among other things, he talked about his career and his family, but he also took up another detail, namely, he was made the of the price, "Litteris et artibus"(latin for "For policy and the arts"), he received of the king, for their efforts on the Swedish scenes.

–Yes, I got the medal, but not of the king, but on the record, I did not receive the of the king, ” he says in the program.

"in your mother’s grave"

Sven Wollter has never had any problems with getting an award as a token of appreciation for the efforts he made, and in this case, there was another person who really loved the king, and who wanted that he would receive the prize – namely, his mother.

– So the "Litteris et artibus" has gone to my mother and is buried in her grave in Gothenburg, ” he says in the program.

"She had been immensely proud"

Sven Wollter makes no secret of the fact that he lacks his mother and says that he thinks of her daily, and he also tells us how proud she had been of him, "The little slarvern".

– It was she who would have it, she had been immensely proud of her boy, to the little slarvern had received such an award, which was the finest award that someone in our family had received.


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