Thursday, January 26, 2017

So remember friends, Siewert Öholm – Göteborgs-Posten

Fun Many famous people recall the presenter and debater Siewert Öholm, who has passed away from complications of his cancer during the next morning. Marcus & got to talk with him while he was in the hospital. – To hug him was like hugging his father, ” says Marcus Birro.

He reached by the news of his friend’s death early Wednesday.

” It’s really hard now, I will miss him. He had recovered not long ago but then turned it off very quickly. It came as a shock. You have known it for a week now that this would happen but there is no way to prepare.

He says that the two have met a few times in the 90s but their friendship got to a new depth in what I call a “messy” period, when he ran for party leader in KD at the same time as he led a debate program on TV4 in sweden.

” He really went out and defended me publicly. When everyone else took a step back, he stepped forward and drew a lot of criticism for me, and that he dared to stand up for what he believed in. He followed his heart. It I never forget.

“He had a huge heart’

– It is a thing many people do not know about Siewert, he had a huge heart. He dared to venture into the debates, but he responded to those who thought differently in a loving way. Where have we something to teach us, ” he adds.

It was in connection with a lunch as the two came close to each other, ” says Marcus Birro. After their last conversation last week he wrote a letter describing this meeting.

“We talked about life, about love, about death also, about media, about God, about the tabloids, about her that pulls away with one, both up and down, and when we parted, hugged, we each other out on the street and I said it not to him at the time, but I said it to my dad already later in the evening, it was a little to hug her father,” he wrote in the letter.

” When I talked with him last week I said it to him. I am really happy that I got to say it to him before he went away. I’ll do my best to make him proud.

Recall of programledarkollega

the Host Belinda Olsson went early out on Facebook, and shared their memories of Siewert Öholm. For the GP tells her that he had been a guest in the Debate a few times and he always was friendly and encouraging.

He heard himself a few times especially when I had taken over from Janne Josefsson. Then it was the most to commend it. During the later time greeted, he is often through the other. Very nice, I think, ” she says.

As the host of the first SVT Debate and then public Opinion Live, she has in part inspired by his colleague.

– Siewert could be speculative and tesdrivande, it I avoid. But what I took to me was still a rustic style and a large commitment. He was really for it here. He was a long time Mr. Debate and probably put the standard in this type of journalism in the tv got high entertainment value.

She says that today’s debates in tv has become much more peaceful in comparison with Siewert Öholms time on the SVT.

” I’m almost full in laughter when the critics said that it may not speak to the point of today’s talk shows. Missed the whole era with tex Aschbergs Debatable where people debated the nudity or Siewerts motorsågsmassakerdebatt?


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