Monday, January 16, 2017

Director Håkon Liu has passed away – Radio Sweden

Kulturnytts film critic Emma Engström has followed Håkon Liu since his first short films.

Who was he?

He was born in Norway, grew up in Taiwan and educated in Gothenburg. And he was a bit of an odd bird at school of film directing in Gothenburg, sweden, who raised a litter of filmmaker where the early 2000′s who wanted to be close to the realism and the documentary and often, such as Ruben Östlund, look at the man with hard and cold eyes. But instead of judging embraced Liu their characters.


– Yes, as in långfilmsdebuten “Miss Kicki”, where Pernilla August, playing a woman who is not a very good parent. She brings her teenage son to Taiwan under the guise that they should hang out, but really she just wants to meet his internetflört. And the script was especially written to Pernilla August, who he admired very much as an actress. Had she declined, said Håkon Liu, he had allowed the main character to be a man instead. Anyway, he liked it dreamy and romantic, even when it was about difficult things, filmed with the beautiful golden pastels, and looked at his protagonists with great warmth. He was also quite early in the wave of films with a queer perspective that has come in the 2000s, and often had young people in the focus.

– Next project after “Miss Kicki”, for example, would have been “good Luck extra everything”, a movie about a dragshowgrupps rise and fall. Personally I grieve that I may never see it or the other movies he was in.

Håkon Liu was 41 years.


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