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Siewert Öholm is dead – financial times

Wife Gitten held vigil at his side: "Incredibly sad"

Tv-profile and debater Siewert Öholm has passed away after a period of illness.

Siewert Öholm is dead, confirms relatives of Aftonbladet.

– He fell asleep in the calm and still now in the morning. It is incredibly sad, but Siewert was ready and it was very nice days now that the family had together. says the dissolution confirmed Linda Norberg.

With him was his wife Gitten Bolin Öholm, but even his sons have been in the hospital a lot over the last few days.

Son Oskar Öholm write an emotional post on Facebook to her deceased father:

"So come to the last moment when my dad got to go to sleep and leave this mortal life. I have been preparing myself for a time, but grief is never prepared for when it strikes with full force".

He continues to talk about how they both, in spite of many different opinions, always had a warmth and respect between them.

"Right now the grief is powerful and immediate, how natural it is to lose their parents. But I am pleased that I was allowed to take farewell of my father, and I rejoice in that the producer Siewert got to direct his own life still in at the end. He is and remains the most charismatic man I’ve met."

Popular among many

Siewert Öholm, born in Husby, Dalarna, is for many forever linked with the SVT-programmes are open in the evening and Reply Directly. In the latter, it is probably many who remember him from the high-profile öppningsprogrammet from 1984, when the journalist Anders Tengner got to be accountable for the raw image of the hard rock band W. A. S. P-mediated.

More than 30 years later met the duo again, this time under more breezy conditions.

— I do not apologize for anything, but if you were hurt over this, then I can say sorry, it is my duty, ” said Öholm to Tengner in connection with a dokumentärinspelning.

Siewert Öholm, who was employed at the Swedish Radio 1971 to 2002, has made himself popular among many. He has been recognized for his strong faith and conservative views, which he also criticized.

2003 accused, he for example, the SVT to be folded flat for a "homolobby", because you selected Jonas Gardell and Mark Levengood to lead the Eurovision song contest, something he himself had to endure harsh criticism.

Took time out

Siewert Öholm got 2013 diagnosed with cancer. He friskförklarades later, but 2016 was the disease back in the liver.

In the beginning of January in this year he wrote on Facebook that he is taking time out to focus on health.

To Nöjesbladet said Öholm, who was then on vacation in sydisraeliska Eilat, to the first projections from the doctors has been good.

He compared his treatment with his first wife Ann-Britt, who passed away from breast cancer in 2004, received.

— She got the classic joke that so much can be experienced as very degrading, and that breaks down a man tremendously, it will never go out of me. Cancer is fearsome enough, add it to the liver to become really scared. I felt the sorrow, and experienced the where the horror. You are between life and death.

Thank you for all the support

the First information about the Öholms cancer proved to be wrong, and for just over a week ago, they found out that it was fully developed.

On Wednesday morning, fell asleep, Siewert Öholm in at the central hospital in Växjö, sweden, with his wife at his side.

– the Whole family thank incredibly great for all the warmth and all the greetings. It is appreciated by us and the estimated also of Siewert very much, ” says the dissolution confirmed Linda Norberg.

Siewert Öholm leaves behind four sons, and the wife Gitten Bolin Öholm.


Innovative tv-man and rapp and professional presenter


his wife’s strong words to the Siewert Öholm


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