Thursday, January 19, 2017

“El Chapo” should be held to account in the US – financial times

Mexico. drug lord Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzman has been released from Mexico.

One of the world’s most infamous criminal, has now been taken to the united states where he will be brought to justice.

“El Chapo” was arrested in January, after having been on the run from a high-security colony for half a year. He has led the feared Sinaloa cartel who is accused of scores of murders and have taken in tons of drugs to the united states.

the Government of Mexico gave already last year in may the go-ahead for extradition since it received guarantees that Guzmán not be sentenced to death. His lawyers, however, left an appeal to the supreme court in Mexico has now rejected.

Open conflict

Alejandro Hope, a mexican security expert, don’t think it was any coincidence that the drug lord surrendered before Barack Obama leaves the position as president of the united states.

– They did not want to give Donald Trump the victory. They didn’t want to Trump would get a reason to boast about it, so they made sure to do it during the last few minutes of Obama’s leadership.

Trump, who svärs in as president on Friday, has openly sought the conflict with Mexico in several issues.

Guzmáns cat-and-mouse game with the mexican police is worthy of any hollywood movie. He was arrested the first time in Guatemala in 1993, and fled from a high-security colony in western Mexico in 2001 by hiding in a tvättvagn.

in the USA

He was arrested then on a mexican tourist town in February 2014, only 17 months later escape again under spectacular circumstances. His gang dug a 1.5 mile long tunnel that ended inside the Guzmáns cell.

Mexico’s president had previously refused to agree to the extradition of the drug lord, but he changed his mind after the recent [citation needed].

Authorities in the united states has confirmed that “El Chapo” has now been taken out of the country. It is unclear when he will face a court in the united states.


“El Chapo”

Joaquín Guzmán was born in the town of Badiraguato in Mexico. He had a prominent role in the struggle between the different drug cartels in the 1980s. When he became the leader of the Sinaloakartellen he also became the world’s most wanted drug traffickers.

Sinaloakartellen controls a large part of the cocaine, marijuana and metaamfetamin trafficked into the united states. He will be prosecuted for murder and drug smuggling in the united states.

His assets, estimated to be the equivalent of around eight billion.

Sources: BBC, AFP



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