Monday, January 16, 2017

Putinkritiker escapes after våldtäktsanklagelser – Expressen

the Russian artist Peter Pavlenskij, which has long been a thorn in the eye of the Russian government, has fled to France. After the allegations of sex crimes in Russia, accusations that he and his partner dismisses as created by the state.

” Probably, it is a good solution for them if we disappear abroad, is not heard of at all and shatter completely. But it’s not going to happen, ” says Pavlenskij to Reuters.

Performancekonstnären Pavlenskij has made himself known through "actions", where he among other things, has set fire to the old KGB-hq door, nailed firmly the scrotum in Red square, and stitched together their lips in solidarity with the Pussy Riot group. His art is political and is open with its opposition to the Russian government.

But now he says to the Russian tv channel Dozjd that he and his partner Oksana Sjalygina left Russia and via Belarus traveled to France, with their children.

the Couple is accused of rape

after the interrogation if våldtäktsanklagelser as a Russian actress claims against Pavlenskij and his partner. The couple live in an open relationship and both have had a sexual relationship with the woman earlier, according to Reuters.

the Crime they are accused of can bring ten years in prison.

the Hearing should have taken place on 14 december after the couple returned to Moscow from a trip to Poland. Pavlenskij dismisses all the accusations and describes it as blackmail to prevent his political activism.


Through all of this, we have shown that there are two ways to get rid of us, ” says Pavlenskij.

– Either they could send us to prison camps over the next ten years where we had described how we have fallen victim of the state security services plans, or they could send us beyond limit.

His attorney says to the Russian tv channel that no official investigation in the present. If such is initiated by the Russian authorities say Pavlenskij that he will seek asylum in France.


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