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Sweden’s most popular name in 2016 – Göteborgs-Posten

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Girls. Place 10: Wilma. 587 girls got the name Wilma 2016. The name falls from the seat 9. Pictured: Ebba Hultkvist that started a boom for the name Wilma in role in Skärgårdsdoktorn, in the 90′s. Photo: Stella Pictures

Girls. Seat 9: Ebba. 596 girls named Ebba. The name falls from the seat 8. Pictured: Ebba von Sydow. Photo: TT

Girls. Place 8: Julia. 597 girls were given the name Julia, which is increasing in popularity as compared to 2015, when Julia ended up tia on the list. Since 1998, it is only the name of Julia, who has belonged to the ten most common names each year. In the picture: actor Julia Louis-Dreyfus. Photo: TT

Girls. Seat 7: Olivia. 601 girls was named Olivia, which retains the same place on the list as 2015. On the photo: football team Olivia Schough. Photo: TT

Girls. Seat 6: Alicia. 627 newborns may share the name with Hollywoodstjärnskottet Alicia Vikander (pictured). The name is increasing in popularity as compared to the 2015 ranking at 21st place. Photo: Stella Pictures

Girls. Seat 5: Ella. 635 girls name was Ella. The name retains its ranking from the previous year. On the picture: Skådisstjärnskottet Ella Purnell. Photo: Stella Pictures

Girls. Seat 4: Elsa. 2015 the most popular girls name falls to fourth place. 643 girls got the name Elsa. To the right in the photo: Elsa in Frost. Photo credit: Disney

Girls. Place 3: Maja. Third place for the third year in a row, Maja, which was given to 664 girls. The name has been on the top 10 every year since 2003, and is the twelfth time among the three most common names. On the picture: the artist Maja Ivarsson. Photo: Stella Pictures

Girls. Seat 2: Lilly. 690 girls named Lilly. The name climbs from sixth place. In the picture: Johnny Depps skådespelardotter Lilly-Rose Depp. Photo: TT

Girls. Location 1: Alice. the Whole of the 910 girls named Alice, who climbs from the seat 2. The name Alice came in among the top ten most common names in 2005 and now has top position for the fifth time. Alice is the girls name who had the number one the most times, writes the SCB in a press release. On the picture: Alice Bah Kuhnke. Photo: Stella Pictures

Boys. Place 10: Noah. 627 boys name was Noah, who climb from twelfth place. To the left in the picture: Stranger Things-skådisen Noah Schnapp. Photo: TT

Boys. Seat 9: Charlie. 650 boys named Charlie, who falls in popularity in comparison with the 2015 eighth place. On the photo: "Idol"artist Charlie Grönvall. Photo: Stella Pictures

Boys. Seat 8: Elias. 664 was named, who came in fifth place in 2015. On the picture: tennis player Elias Ymer. Photo: TT

Boys. Seat 7: Alexander. 668 was named Alexander. The name climbs from eleventh place. On the picture: Prince Carl philip and princess Sofia’s son, prince Alexander. Photo: TT

Boys. Seat 6: Hugo. 688 boys named Hugo, which retains its place on the list. On the picture: fotbollsmålvakten Hugo Lloris. Photo: TT

Boys. Seat 5: Oliver. a 700-boys got the name, who ended up in seventh place in 2015. On the picture: Stjärnbacken Oliver Ekman-Larsson. Photo: TT

Boys. Seat 4: Liam. 790 male child was named Liam, who came in bronze position in the previous year. On the photo: "Idol"-winner Liam Cacatian Thomassen. Photo: TV4

Boys. Place 3: William. 850 boys was named William, but the name of the valleys in spite of the popularity, from one to three on the list. William has been among the ten most common names for since 1999. Pictured: actor Thomas Hayes, who plays William in the tv series to Shame. Photo: Stella Pictures

Boys. Place 2. Lucas. 864 children named Lucas, who remain in second place on the list. Lucas has been among the ten most common names since 2000. On the picture: Handbollsspelaren Luke Nilsson. Photo: Stella Pictures

Boys. Place 1. Oscar. 879 boys given the name Oscar, which climbs from four on the list in 2015. Then namnstatistiken started in 1998, the Oscar is the only name that has been among the ten most common pojknamnen each year. The name has only fallen outside the top 3 three times. On the image: crown Princess Victoria and prince Daniel’s son, prince Oscar. Photo: TT


Sweden Alice and Oscar. It was the most popular names among newborns in Sweden in 2016, reports statistics SWEDEN.

Newcomers, tops the list of the most popular names in Sweden in 2016, according to a report from statistics SWEDEN. Alice for the girls and Oscar for boys have been popular long, but climbs from number two and four in comparison with the 2015.

– Alice has been at the absolute top throughout the 2000s. It is the international name, short, easy to say, and many seem to think that it is very nice. Same thing with Oscar, possibly can prinsfödseln have affected but at the same time, it is a name that has been popular for so long, ” says Katharina Leibring, namnforskare at the Institute for language and folklore, to TT.

the 2015 ones Elsa and William falls to place four and three.

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On the top 100 list, there are no major changes apart from the movements up and down in popularity. Only five new names make an entrance on the girls ‘ top 100; Cleo, Adele, Penny, Mila and Hedda. Six new name pops up in the boys ‘ top 100; Frans, Nicolas, Thor, Omar, Milian and Mio.

A new name on the girls ‘ top 10 list is Alicia, who has risen from 21st to sixth place. Katharina Leibring think it may have to do with a certain actor’s successes, in Sweden and on the other side of the Atlantic.

Alicia has jumped up sharply. Actor Alicia Wikander has been very talked about, there may possibly have contributed to the name been more in focus for prospective parents, ” says Katharina Leibring to TT:

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Namnstatistiken has been obtained from statistics SWEDEN’s register over the total population (RTB). The statistics refers to the name given in 2016. When the notification if the first name of the child shall be made to the Swedish Tax agency no later than three months after the birth of the child refers to the statistics of newborns in 2016, and also at the end of 2015. In the statistics for 2016 is 10 percent of newborns named the girls that were born in 2015, and for the boys it is 11 per cent. The names in the charts are reported under the most common spelling, but all of the spellings included in the reported number.

The name that increased most rapidly, respectively, decreased most in 2016 leaderboard is calculated as a percentage increase between 2015 and 2016 top-100 list.

most Common names in the counties

County – Maiden name – Pojknamn
Blekinge – Elsa – Liam/William
the Valleys – Elsa – Liam
the island of Gotland – Maja – Lucas
Gävleborg – Elsa – Melvin
Halland Ella/Elsa – Leon/Lucas/William
Jämtland – Elsa – William
Jönköping, sweden – Elsa – William
Kalmar, sweden – Saga – Charlie
Kronoberg – Elsa – William
Norrbotten – Alice/Elsa – William
Skåne, sweden – Ella – Elias
Stockholm, sweden – Alice – William
Södermanland – Elsa – Hugo/Vincent
Uppsala, sweden – Elsa – William
Värmland – Saga – Lucas
Västerbotten – Alice – Liam
Västernorrland – Saga – Alfred/William
Qld – Alice – Axis
Västra Götaland – Elsa – William
Örebro, sweden – Saga – William
Östergötland – Alice – Lucas

Source: SCB


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