Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Here is Guldbaggegalans winner! – Radio Sweden

On Monday evening was held the 52nd edition of the Radio where the best stakes in the Swedish film 2016 was awarded.

No single movie took any grand slam so that it may be some years at the gala, but a film that received several rams was “the Giant” directed by Johannes Nyholm.

It was the heaviest the award for the Best film and for Best mask/makeup. But Nyholm also received the Best screenplay.

Kulturredaktionens Roger Wilson summarizes the year guldbaggegala, in conversation with Kulturnytts presenter Fredrik Wadström.

” It was a guldbaggegala where it felt as if the jury really made an effort to ensure that prices are distributed as evenly as possible. But for once, maybe it was a good picture of what the after looked like.

– The only one that felt underrepresented in baggefördelningen was 101-year-old who took the bill and disappeared – despite eight nominations just got a ram – although as expected the Audience award. Comedies are extremely difficult in this type of events…

But even if it were a uniform distribution, there may well be some who won a little more than the other?

” Well, tonight’s big winner was, of course, the Giant, directed by Johannes Nyholm. The movie took home best film, screenplay, and best makeup/mask. Quite justly, I think, because it easily was the most original Swedish film in 2016.

The other big winner, also won three awards each Yarden, which was directed by Måns Månsson and is loosely based on Kristian Lundberg’s book of the same name. It received the award for best actor in a leading role, best sound and best cinematography.

” There, I must say that I really like to fotopriset it is heavy. You remember the strongest of the film is really the cool pictures and the conditions there.

Roger Wilson, is there any other film you want to mention?

” My aunt in Sarajevo by Goran Kapetanovic, who was one of the few of this year’s feature films, which really went in and grottade in contemporary history and how people are affected by war and flight.

What did you think of the tv-gala, then?

– the Gala as a whole was tame, I thought. I like the Petra Mede and thinks that she now, after having worked hard a few years, have managed to get the otherwise so rigid guldbaggepubliken to relax a bit. But otherwise it felt pretty much like a normal day in the galafabriken.

” I think it is a bit strange that you can’t take advantage of the expertise and knowledge that exists within the film industry, when doing a gala this way. It had, for example, felt good about the musical had had with the world of film making. Why should, for example, Måns Zelmerlöw perform at a guldbaggegala? I had rather seen it where balalajkarockbandet who is in the 101-year-old perform.


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