Friday, January 27, 2017

The joke that gets Kristian Luuk to see red – Aftonbladet

Fredrik Lindström surprise the participants with a third option in Friday’s "On track".

Then ledsnar tv host Kristian Luuk.

– no, No, no, he exclaims.

Fredrik Lindström’s fascination with Cajsa Warg has been a permanent fixture in this year’s season of "On track". The judge has as soon as he got the chance talked warm about 1700-famous.

When the participants in the Friday section should be allowed to choose the topic of the moment "list", see Lindström their chance to give them a third option.

"Russian hockey or Russian geography?", wonder samuel west, when the Lad pulls out a third plate.

"You can also get a third list to choose from", says Fredrik Lindström and shows up a sign with Cajsa warg’s name.

Both the participants and the audience burst out in laughter. At the same time throwing himself Kristian Luuk dejectedly back into his chair.

– no, No, no, ” says the host of the show and takes on her forehead.

But Fredrik Lindström kidding on and develop their idea.

– What would be a list of Cajsa Warg? The four dishes she cooked for the family of Klinckowström or four dishes she not menu.

"On the trail" appears on Fridays, at 20.00 on SVT


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