Thursday, January 26, 2017

Staff at the royal dramatic theatre is said to up – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

Kulturtelegram, Negotiations between the royal dramatic theatre and the Swedish theatre union is completed. Six individuals will be terminated.

the royal dramatic theatre, has previously announced that staff numbers will need to be reduced by 20 full-time positions. In the fall, negotiations were opened between the theatre and the Swedish theatre union. In the end, there will be six people who will be terminated. Other services saved by to not fill vacancies and retirements.

Overall, reduced the workforce by the equivalent of 19 services. It is above all the personnel groups within the manufacturing, stage technology and administration involved.

"facing crossroads"

Christina Bjerkander, pr and marketing manager at the royal dramatic theatre, says the theatre’s management have devoted the day to inform the staff and refers to a press release in which working Eirik Stubø says:

"the Grant from the state is not written up in the same pace as our costs increase. Before 2017, the theatre, in spite of the enumeration of the allocation of 0.7 per cent, 3 million less to move with."

He continues:

"I see it as the theater now faces a crossroads: one solution would be to close the scenes, which I think is the absolute worst option. Instead, we make savings to free up more money for more productions."


Teaterförbundets’s head of negotiations Madeleine Wagemyr is satisfied that fewer people than originally estimated will be terminated. But if the cost reductions are enough in the long term is harder to predict.

— It’s very hard to say. It is clear that there is a concern for the future – "will this be enough?" – if the appropriations continue not to be on a parity with wage increases on the labour market, ” she says to TT.


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