Saturday, January 14, 2017

Sources: ”Carola would like to have their own tv series” – Aftonbladet

Celebrities reported to be in the queue after the success of "Wahlgrens world"

Carola Häggkvist can get their own reality series.

After the success of "Wahlgrens world" are celebrities queuing up to make their own series.

– Carola is one of them who have heard about, ” says a source in the television industry.

They have been called Sweden’s answer to the Kardashians, but the Pernilla, 49, does not want to reveal if there will be a new season of "Wahlgrens world"Channel 5.

– It may not I say, unfortunately. But I will say this, the reception has been beyond all expectations. You know, you start to wonder, where are the negative comments? When should they write that they hate the us? So damn good response, I have never seen anything like that before, ” she says when Nöjesbladet meets her on Channel 5′s vårpresentation.

More celebrities to do reality show

After Pernilla Wahlgrens and Bianca ingrosso’s, 22, hit with "Wahlgrens world" on Channel 5 now seems Swedish celebrities stand in the queue to get to make your own realityserier. According to Nöjesbladets sources has several well-known swedes heard of to production companies and tv channels.

– Yes, I have also heard it, ” says Pernilla Wahlgren.

Several people with good insight into the television industry acknowledge that the success of "Wahlgrens world" have been other celebrities that like to have their own tv series.

– on the other hand, it is well paid. But it can also mean very much to the goodwill for a famous person who appears to be sympathetic, ” says an informant.

Carola up to date

Several of Nöjesbladets sources mention Carola Häggkvist, 50, as a candidate for an upcoming reality series.

– Carola is one of them who have heard about, ” says a source.

another person with good insight emphasizes that it is more the tv-channels and production companies that have haunted Carola to get her set up in a reality series.

– They have been chasing Carola for documentaries and realityserier in several years. Possibly it may be so that the success of Pernilla has opened some doors. It might have made Carola curious. In any case, learn it get more famous swedes that dare to jump on this kind of stuff, ” says the source.

"no Time"

Carola Häggkvists press contact Linn Westlund reject the data if that Carola would be current for an own reality series.

– There is absolutely nothing like that here on the wallpaper. Carola has so much of the music that she didn’t have time for anything else. But of course it is true that the production companies almost always chasing Carola to get with her in the tv context, ” she says.

Pernilla Wahlgren stresses that a reality series will not fit all the celebrities.

– It is incredibly hard to make reality. It invites people in their own home and have a bad day or a daughter who has PMS, then yes, it is what will be filmed that day. It’s probably not all that manage to show up like that. It is the very disclosure and you must be able to operate by itself, it is very important, ” she says.


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