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Carola comment after the sex-the news – Göteborgs-Posten

TV Yesterday wrote GP of Carola Häggkvist participation in the “Renées brygga”. In the tv program she talks about an extensive operation, and if the sex life, or lack of it. Now she comments in a post on Instagram: “Maybe a little bit to the disclosure of private information.”

In the popular tv program “Renées brygga” in Swedish TV4, with tv host Renée Nyberg was Carola Häggkvist one of the guests.

In the program tells the beloved singer on the love life, a comprehensive surgery, and that she had a sexuppehåll in 14 years.

Have removed the livmordern

the Host of the show asked how the singer was feeling. Then told me Carola if an extensive surgery she had to do after the doctor discovered that she had multiple uterine fibroids, benign tumors in the uterus.

” I’m a bit damaged in the body and is not in the form that I would like to be. I have operated my belly, removed my one ovary and removed uterus, ” says Carola Häggkvist in the program.

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the Doctor thought it was strange that she had not noticed anything.

– the Doctor asked: But have you not felt it when you had sex? But I have actually not slept with someone on the … 14 years. I was waiting for "the man". It is possible, even if you’re dating the Kickstarter, laughing Carola and think it is comical considering all the rumors: "You would only know how it really is. But it was nice, it was respect."

Not seen the program

Carola Häggkvist comment on program in a post on Instagram. The singer is currently on a long vacation in south Africa together with her boyfriend Jimmy Källqvist and their children. Carola Häggkvist writes that she has not yet seen the program, but that she should do it.

“itself Has not seen the program but the feeling was very good during the actual day of filming, plus Renée is a pro. So I believe in a dynamic, interesting program.”

“the Intention was good”

But at the same time, Carola Häggkvist that she perhaps shared some intimate information to the viewers.

“Maybe a little bit to the disclosure of private information but the intention was good. May write more about the topic and the ideas in my biografibok.”

Here you can read the post in its entirety;


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