Sunday, January 15, 2017

Siewert Öholm says goodbye – can have hours of left – financial times

Family watch all around the tv legend in the hospital

Siewert Öholms cancer was going away – he thought.

But the diagnosis was incorrect; now watching the family around him. In the weekend, they have taken farewell.

– We take a moment at a time now, ” said the wife Gitten Bolin Öholm to Nöjesbladet in the night.

Siewert Öholm, 77, had received a good news about the cancer before the holiday in Israel last week. He was sick and tired with feeling good, ” he told Nöjesbladet.

But when the family came home came the shock: his liver has deteriorated.

– Announcement before has been completely wrong. On Monday night reached we of the to it was too late with the treatment and that the cancer in the liver was fully developed. It is just a countdown, there is nothing more to do. It was sudden: sadness and crying. They have done what they have been able to. We may hope that he has the hours to the morning, said Gitten Bolin Öholm, 54, his wife of nine years back, to Nöjesbladet in the night.

he has not the energy to talk on the phone, but during the conversation he sleeps.

Watches and takes an hour at a time

In the last week, they had plans for the future, now they will take an hour at a time. The family has gathered at the central hospital in Växjö, where Siewert Öholm have been treated since then, and the watch around his bed.

– Half of the week has been full of questions and sorrow. The children have been collected, and I sleep here with him. We must hope that he can get to have the hours in the morning, he has been on the ultimate. We thought that it would be the last breath on Friday, ” she says.

But perked he to on Saturday.

– Suddenly he gained power and was wide awake for 8-10 hours. He had the humour left, and we had a nice day. It was an incredible awakening. We had a very special call, and he took the individual farewell of us who were gathered. He feels peace and knows who he believes in, ” says Gitten Bolin Öholm.

bid farewell on Facebook

He slept all day Sunday. In the evening he became suddenly clear again, at the same time as the priest and friend Bo Brander, 65, arrived by air from Uppsala, sweden.

– We have had a mini fair here at his bedside. We have taken it nice and slow, ” she says.

Then read the up the greetings received on his Facebook page, the desires that he should get well soon and feel better. Then decided Siewert Öholm to write their farewell even there, and dictated for the family to write:

"Hi friends! I agree to end my fb account, and I see that my life is running out. I’m not afraid, I know what I believe in, I am safe. I do not believe that God, when we meet, need to communicate through Facebook. Thank you friends and followers".

– He wanted to thank for everything. There have been so fine greetings of the importance he had for people. Not only as a tv-man, but also in the hidden, it took me by surprise. It is almost so one should make a small booklet of all the stories. I’m glad to have gotten to know this amazing man so close, ” says Gitten Bolin Öholm.


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