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Hidden movie about Olle Ljungström: ”Not flattering” – Aftonbladet

Pål Hollender has made a feature film about his friend

In a brand new film about Olle Ljungström shows the friend Pål Hollender scenes from a dokumentärresa in Afghanistan.

the Film portrays, among other things Ljungströms abuse.

– It was like dancing in madness to hang out with Andrew, he says to Nöjesbladet.

Artist and documentary filmmaker Pål Hollender, also known from "Expedition Robinson", was good friends with Olle Ljungström.

Year 2002 filmed he a documentary in Afghanistan on behalf of Lars von Trier. A journey that Olle Ljungström followed on.

After Ljungströms death thought Hollender more and more on all the material that was Ljungström, who not came with in the original documentary. He therefore decided to cut together a movie, a private portrait of his friend.

Several unreleased tracks

In the film include several unreleased tracks of the artist. Songs partially heard in the first documentary, but not in its entirety.

– this movie was hidden in the material. I have pondered about it since I made the first documentary. A guy who was a fan of Olle called me. He would organise a big minnesspelning with His songs and asked if he could get the songs from the first film. Then I realized that the songs not available. They are unreleased, ” he says to Nöjesbladet.

"Not flattering"

Hollender could have chosen to give out the songs, and let the filmed material be. But it didn’t feel right, ” he says.

– I came to the conclusion that it is a pity to drop out the songs without any context. You may want to understand why he sounds right at a conference when he sings certain things.

the Film portrays a part of Olle Ljungströms abuse.

– It is definitely not a flattering portrait, as you can clearly see a sheet of how a missbrukarperson disappears in a smusslande and stealthy with drugs. It is well that which is unflattering. But personally, I think it is well fucking much more human and love in the Olle in this movie than if you just had said that 'Olle Ljungström had a drug problem', ” he says and continues:

– It was like dancing in madness to hang out with Olle. You became inspired. It was fun almost all the time. Even in the black darkness, there are a lot of fascinating.

"Was that the magnets"

Hollender and Ljungström got to know each other at the pub. According to Hollender had the easy to find each other.

– Our two personalities were like magnets.

He sees, however, is not necessarily the film as a way to deal with the loss of his friend.

– perhaps It is because I myself can feel that it is not said enough for my part what it comes to Olle. But I experience myself not as emotional, but I think it would be a shame if this material did not exist.

Show sex

The fact that Olle Ljungström used the drugs put Hollender and his guide in trouble at one point in Kandahar. In the original documentary would Hollender meet with a taliban leader. Suddenly appeared the leader up in the hotel room where the Ljungström was, while Hollender and the guide filmed in the town.

– Olle stayed at the hotel because he was high on opium and valium. All of a sudden when we come back was hotelldirektören panic. Olle had opened the door naked and, according to the leader’s guards, he had then danced in the bed, if you understand what I mean.

Friends forced to leave the hotel immediately and head to Kabul instead.

the Film begins with Olle Ljungström show their sex, then why?

– If you had known Olle Ljungström so had you known that it went forward in time and out of season. It also feels very typical, especially considering how the movie is late. I also think that it might be nice to directly reveal that this is a film that will dress by Olle Ljungström. Had you embarked on this film in a pompous or cautious way, I think that it could possibly shock the crap out of people when there are dying people in the picture or when Olle starts to look drugs in Afghanistan, ” he says.


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