Sunday, January 29, 2017

The Swedish star can be stopped from the Oscars – Aftonbladet

"Ove"-the actor: "It is not even certain that I comes in."

Swedish Bahar Pars, 37, is Oscarsaktuell with the movie "A man called Ove," but can now come to boycott the gala.

president of the united states Donald Trump prohibits persons from, among other things, Iran to enter the country.

Swedish actor Bahar Pars, 37, born in Iran and plays a key role, Parvaneh, in "A man called Ove." Now she reflects on the boycott or protest on the spot against the Donald Trump, reports the Swedish Radio.

– It is not even certain that I’m going in, ” she says to news agency TT.

Bahar Pars says she had problems to enter in the united states already in the fall when the crew, would promote the movie.

Visa took almost two months and I did not go on my Swedish passport, it would not surprise me if no one who is born in Iran comes in, ” she says.

"would rather Go there,"

According to Bahar Pars is boycott an option she considered, but said to TT that she has many interviews scheduled in the united states.

so would she be able to make a stronger position for the iranians, who are not allowed into the country from the red carpet than from Sweden.

– I think I would rather go there and take that space, I’ll probably get more out of being able to stand there and say "you know what? Now I am standing here on your land fuck off", says Bahar Pars.

Iranian director prevented

According to Trita Parsi, Swedish political scientist and founder of the national iranian-american council, it is confirmed that the iranian director Asghar Farhadi is prevented from travelling into the united states and participate in the gala after the reseregler as the president Donald Trump introduced.

Trump has issued a ban that allows people from seven countries, denied entry into the united states. These countries are Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Sudan and Yemen. This despite the fact that Farhadi is famous far outside of Iran and has already won an Oscar previously.

Taraneh Alidoosti, one of the actors in "The salesman", has previously announced that she will boycott the gala because of the ban.


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