Wednesday, January 18, 2017

How are actually the cinema? – Radio Sweden

Since christmas day there has been a collection on the site Kickstarter with the opening of a new cinema in Stockholm. It is filmdistributörerna Nonstop Entertainment and Enjoy films that, together, are going to revive the old cinema Capitol.

the Core already exists, but now has asked his next audience to contribute money to the better seats, interior, and sound system. But also to be able to put the old 35 millimetersprojektorer, so that you should be able to run old movies at the cinema.

And the interest has been great. With just over a week left of the fundraiser has managed to get over 800 people to bet more than a million and a half dollars.

But the people behind the Capitol, is not alone to see a market for more theaters. In recent years, there has actually been some recovery in a biobransch where you’re talking about closures and closed cinemas.

in 2015, Swedish cinemas over 17 million visits, and even if it is not to compare with bions heyday before the so-called “biografdödens” entry at the end of the fifties, it is an increase of almost a million visits since 2014.

Reports of Cecilia Ekman and talks in the studio with Sture Johansson, CEO of SF Bio, Calle Nathanson, PRESIDENT of the People’s Houses and Parks, and Nicolas Debot, the CEO Enjoy films.

Moderator: Roger Wilson
Producer: Mattias Berg


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