Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Cheer Ove and the Swedish film! – Aftonbladet

Cheer Ove! Cheer Swedish filmmakers!

"A man called Ove" is a twice oscar nominee and have the great chance to win.

Photographer Linus Sandgren has filmed "La la land" which dominates the ceremony with 14 nominations. With songs that will get the competition of the Max Martins and Justin Timberlakes "Cant stop the feeling".

I look forward to an exciting Oscargala 26 February.

Hannes Holm "A man called Ove" is one of five films that could win the Oscar for best non-English language. There is also the Danish "Under the sand", if the mine-sweeping after the second world war. The most difficult competitor to the Ove will probably be German, "My father Toni Erdmann".

Rolf Lassgård and Johan Widerberg has previously been on the Oscars together. The year 2000 was Colin Nutleys "Under the sun" one of the five nominees.

Eva von Bahr and Love Larsson is also nominated for best makeup/hair for "A man called Ove". Last year, they were there for "the Centenarian who climbed out the window and disappeared". Two years in a row is outstanding. Their competitors are really lavish action adventure game: "Star trek beyond" and "Suicide squad" with Joel Kinnaman.

Linus has the greatest chance

the Swede with the greatest chance of winning, is enough Linus Sandgren, who photographed "La la land". The film, which has the Swedish theatrical release 27 January, was förhandsfavorit and got a record number of 14 nominations. Two of them are in the same category, best original song, so the movie can win 13 academy awards.

But expect some prices to "Manchester by the sea". It is shown in Swedish cinemas now, and several of the other nominated films go up on Swedish cinemas before the gala on February 26.

The case of Disney’s animated "Vaiana", and "Jackie" with Natalie Portman on February 3, "Moonlight" on February 10, the "Loving" on 17 February, and the "Hidden assets" on February 24, The last is a fascinating true history of the black female mathematicians, who saved Nasa’s space flight in the 1960s.

Miss Doris

"Moonlight" is strong, and the right to even "Hell or high water" received several nominations. Viggo Mortensen is very good, in relating to "Captain Fantastic".

Meryl Streep received her 20th oscar nomination. I would have like to given a to Hugh Grant who plays her husband in "Florence Foster Jenkins". It is surprising that the Amy Adams not nominated for "Arrival", as otherwise the attention very much.

I miss also the "Find Doris" among the nominees.
The touching documentary "Life, animated" which goes on Swedish cinemas received a nomination. A story about how Disney’s animated movies using an autistic boy.

Yet another worthy winner at a gala that pays tribute to the cinematography and storytelling power.


Lassgårds joy – twice academy-award-nominated


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