Saturday, January 14, 2017

Skifs and the Queen in flygdrama: ”Someone got the free spins” – Aftonbladet

fellow Passengers were recovered by the police

Tommy Körberg and Björn Skifs would fly home.

Then attacked an aggressive man staff – and were recovered by the police.

Björn Skifs and Tommy Körberg would fly home from yesterday’s concert in Malmö, it became a messy history.

Plane suffered technical problems and a violent passengers, Expressen was the first to report.

– We’d resigned 12.00 from Malmo to Bromma airport. When we started the taxi out was discovered a technical fault on the aircraft and we returned to the gate in order to troubleshoot, ” says Emma Sandsjö on the airline.

Then it was found that they had to change aircraft.

the Man threatened security

In connection with it to a man to have become threatening towards staff, in a way that was considered to threaten the safety of the flight.

– In connection with the performed a person aggressively, what I heard is that he behaved aggressively towards our employees. The captain made the decision that the person would not comply with the flight, such a decision we make based on the situation. People who experienced aggressive if we want to keep them on the ground that it should not be a threatening situation in the air, ” she says.

it Is usual that such things happen?

– It is quite uncommon but it happens. When it happens it can be due to alcohol or stress responses. Our procedures are clear in that the security guards should be called when there is an aggressive behavior and it could be a problem in the air, ” she says.

Was taken by the police

the Guardian and then the police was called to the scene to dispose of the man.

Police presstalesperson in the South Region, Anna Göransson, confirms that the downloaded a man.

– We went there and even recovered the passenger 13.23, ” she says. She has no information on what caused the man’s anger and what has happened with him since.

Neither Tommy Körberg or Björn Skifs noticed by the violent man.

– technically, It was wrong first, and then it was someone who got the free spin. But I sat and slept so I know nothing more than that they came and told me that they had been delayed, says Tommy Körberg to Expressen, which his wife Ann-Charlott confirm to Nöjesbladet.

– I heard some rumors about it, that someone has been messy and made a mess and brötat there. Then the worsening of the situation so there was more delay, ” says Björn Skifs to Nöjesbladet.

Skifs: "feels very good to be home"

Once the plane landed at Bromma airport at 16 it was three hours delayed.

– It took a helluva time, but it is hardened with both the train and plane, nowadays, you can’t rely on anything but you may like it. But it is sad when one longs for home. It was probably mainly the technical problems, we were happy that it happened when we were still on the ground, ” he says.

Now waiting for a calm evening, and the week before the next concert in Gothenburg on Friday.

– It feels very good to be home, now it will be hemmakväll, we have to take care of the cats who have longed for us, ” he says.


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