Tuesday, January 17, 2017

TV-kändisens last farewell – Västerbottens-kuriren (the Courier)

News The well-known TV-profile Siewert Öholm have taken a last farewell. He is gravely ill with liver cancer

Late on Sunday evenings, wrote the 77-year-old Siewert Öholm his last post on Facebook, where he has 5 000 followers:

"I agree to end my fb account, and I see that my life is running out. I’m not afraid, I know what I believe in, I am safe. I do not believe that God, when we meet, need to communicate through Facebook. Thank you friends and followers."

the Family gathered at the weekend to take a last farewell at the central hospital in Växjö. Siewert Öholm have during the autumn been fighting against liver cancer. In the last week, his condition suddenly worse, writes the newspaper the Day. The day interviewed Siewert Öholm in the morning.

” I’m inside for the countdown. But right now I have the and God an agreement that I’ll survive Monday and Tuesday. This is new for me, but I feel very calm, ” said Öholm-to-Day.

Siewert Öholm was in the 1980s known as the host of talk shows on tv. He was also employed at the Swedish Radio.
Several of the tv-profile friends write on his Facebook page and express their grief.

” I had the honor and the grace to get to exchange a few words with Siewert tonight. The exact words stay between us, but it was a concentrated, heartfelt, and lovingly calls where I had to tell him, which is extremely deep and loving impression he made on me during the years we had known each other, wrote Marcus & known writer, on the programledarens Facebook on Monday.

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