Thursday, January 26, 2017

Sure you can Danny Saucedo fix the show – Svenska Dagbladet

and choreography: Fredrik "Benke" Rydman
Hamburger Börs

Conductor: Emanuel Norrby. Screenplay: Martin Luuk/Danny Saucedo. Set Design: Lars Östbergh.

Swedish cabaret usually have the artist’s biography in focus. And setbacks to be dealt with, the intimate details be revealed. Always with a predictable self ironic glimpse in the eye. So also when Daniel Gabriel Allessandro Saucedo Grzechowski – a grand name that should brood on the many stories – do their krogshowsdebut.

The thirty-year Danny Saucedo celebrates ten years as a recording artist and have already told you about the life and career of the "So much better". At Hamburger Börs in stockholm, there will be many beautiful words about the mother and her Latin-american temperament. When he imitates her, with a Spanish accent, fiery tirade against the skivbolagschefen reveals he has a comic vein.

He talks about the "Idol"-the breakthrough 2006, if pojkgruppen E. M. D. and, of course, about the Eurovision song contest. Where has he been by three times. The loss against Loreen 2012, who won with Euphoria", dealt with in a way that both can be perceived as self-deprecating and self-revealing. I am as unsure about the krökandet, tröstätandet and the bottomless bitterness afterwards should be taken seriously.

any reason unclear what, he holds a short speech about the Fibonacci progression, the link to the golden ratio and how everything and everyone tied together in the big and the small. It is cosy, luxurious and nicely done with projections as to explain it as Danny Saucedo call the "sacred geometry".

But it is hardly the wisdom or livshistorien which is the core on the stock Exchange. It is only fragmentary strösslad between the show all fartiga and natty song – and-dance routine, transparent projections, and the height – adjustable stage floor made, which can also be wall and ceiling, which plays something of a starring role next to Danny.

With the assistance of four dancers and a young backing band he takes off through the songs linked to the career. All-4-One-hit "I swear", which he sang in his first audition for "Idol", is a gloriously wailande trip down memory lane to the early ‘ 90s while the new song "Boom chicka boom" is nice latinjazzig with a touch of Stevie Wonder.


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But most it is, of course, anonymous what it was that the lascivious glances toward Justin Timberlake. Danny Saucedo is also a very competent singer and dancer, but it is clear that he lacks the charisma that would be needed to lift the show to a more memorable level.

finally. I count to a woman on the scene, the delightfully energetic percussionist Stella Thors Berefelt. Of course, it is boring from a könspolitiskt perspective, but above all, it is monotonous, and nearly thirty-something-guys on the scene.


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