Thursday, January 26, 2017

Danny and Molly are shooting on the wedding plans – financial times

"So much better" in the summer, and now premiere with the new floor show.

There is now for Danny Saucedo, so much so that he and Molly Sandén put the wedding plans on ice.

– We are not traditional people, any of us, ” says Danny Saucedo to TV4.

It was last year that Danny Saucedo proposed to Molly Sandén on Kilimanjaro. When the engagement was revealed in connection with the Eurovision song contest thought the couple that the wedding would take place already this year.

But now backing the artist. In an interview with TV4 he tells us that wedding plans are put on hold for the moment.

” It won’t be a marriage in years. We do not have the time. I am on the stock exchange, and has so much script to think about, ” says Danny Saucedo, who on Wednesday night had the premiere of his new dinner show at Hamburger börs in Stockholm.

Want to live in the now:et

planning a wedding takes time, says Danny Saucedo, who all live in the now:et.

– It is a great deal of planning, and certainly not to live in the now:et. But to go down on the knee was very now:et. One of the finest moments of your life.

the wedding is postponed, however, seems not to bother the pair.

– We are not traditional people, any of us, so we will probably take it when it feels good.

Jacob Meijer


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