Friday, January 27, 2017

Rebirth of Skissernas museum – Sveriges Radio

“Can we get a third more visitors after we opened I’m really happy.”

Invigningsförberedelser to the last. Patrick Amsellem, director of Skissernas museum Photo: David Richter

63 million it’s cost. But now it is clear – rebuild and freshening of the Skissernas museum in Lund, which management hope will make the museum more accessible and attract more visitors.

On Saturday there will be a reopening of the over 80-year-old museum. Among other things, with an exhibition of street-artkonstnären Swoon that makes an eight-meter high mural of a syrian woman. The image think she fits in the museum.

” My vision of the museum is that it is undergoing a rebirth. This project (the artwork) is about Sweden right now, what happens in the country and how we can meet. Public art has always been a part of our daily life. I have worked a lot outdoors. But here I take with me the tradition of Street art with the indoors in order to be able to be shared by the visitors.

Her work is based on meetings with a young syrian woman and a ensamkomande young man from Afghanistan and is part of a larger sk storytellingprojekt as Skissernas museum is involved in.

in Addition to swoon’s exhibition opens also temporary exhibitions with Charlotte von Poehl, Andreas Eriksson and the Elding Oscarson (the latter the architects behind the extension of Skissernas museum)

the Museum’s collection today consists of over 30 000 sketches, models and models to the finished work of public art. Matisse, Sonia Delaunay, Sigrid hjerten, Isaac Grünewald, and others are represented.

In 1.5 years, the museum has been closed for the renovation. In addition to a new entrance and restaurant, the whole house got a facelift. Many of the works have been hanged if, in order to make everything more understandable and accessible. A former courtyard has now become a new hall where we hope to have many discussion and performancearrangemang in the future. In addition, the collection has been digitized. In total, it cost 63 million.

are Usually located on the between 15 000 and 20 000 visitors in a year. But remodelled hope the director of the museum, Patrick Amsellem on an increase.

” Can we get a third more visitors after we opened I am thrilled. We would of course continue to work on our traditional target groups, but young adults students are very important for us in this work. We make the museum more accessible.

But it is still a museum with a focus on the artistic process, and it will probably never be able to attract as many people as museums showing the finished result?

” I don’t know if I can agree with. What you can see at this museum is something you can’t see anywhere else. Here, you get a glimpse of the rooms that are otherwise closed. We may never see how the artists work. But here we can show the sketches and processarbetena, ” says Patrick Amsellem.


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