Thursday, January 19, 2017

– Please be smarter, someone edited my caption, she writes on Twitter. – Aftonbladet

Claims that someone changed her caption

Earlier it was reported that Ulrikke Falch, who plays the Savage in the "Shame" revealed that she would become a character in season 4.

Now rejects her claim.

– Please be smarter, someone edited my caption, she writes on Twitter.

Earlier on Thursday speculation on season four of the Norwegian hit series, "Shame" would revolve around the character of the Savage.

This is after the Danish site should have stated that the Ulrikke Falch, the woman who plays the character Savage, yourself, have told it on Instagram.

Reject data

Now rejects, however, Ulrikke Falch claim. On her Twitter she writes:

"Um, if I’m the main character in season 4, do you really think that I would publish it on Instagram? Please be smarter, someone edited my caption".

On Instagram she has also told me that she believes that one of the reasons that it goes so well for the "Shame" is that they manage to keep the series realistic by taking talk about it too much in the media.

Sana tipped

Who will be the lead character fans will get to follow in the coming season is as yet unknown. According to the bookmakers believe the most people that the lot will fall on the character Sana. However, although the character of the Savage favorittippad, as well as the character Chris.


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