Thursday, January 19, 2017

The picture that gets the fans to speculate about the fourth season of ”Shame” – Aftonbladet

She can be the main character in the fourth season

Ulrikke Falch, who plays the "Savage" in the "Shame, may have revealed who will be the main character in the upcoming season.

"I’m the main character in the fourth season, is reported to have written on Instagram, according to

But there are some details that suggest that the data is fake.

the Caption, which, according to the Danish site published earlier in the week, was edited during the day of the Ulrikke Falch, and was replaced shortly with the number "4".

judging by the recent comments now believe many of the fans that Savage is the one who the series will revolve around in the upcoming "Shame"-season.

"Omg, season 4," writes one person.

"If you are the main character, I will cry with happiness. Love you," commented another.

the Details, which confuses

Although many now hope that this information is correct, there are some details around the screenshots that the site refers to, which suggests that there is something fishy.

For the first, to nearly 38,000 liked the picture in the last few days, but that neither the fans or the media got wind of "the revelation", sounds too unbelievable to be true.

in Addition, the. If you look at the absolute earliest comments to the post there is no one who commented that the Savage becomes the protagonist, rather, it has been about the actor’s appearance.

Multiple fans to Ulrikke Falch writes in addition to the post in question is the fourth in a series of pictures in which the actor loaded up on kroppspositivism.

game companies ‘ favorite

if we are To believe the bookmakers it will be a different character that may be in focus. In this case, Sana, as many already before the season thought would be the protagonist.

Fourth season of "Shame" is expected to premiere in spring on the Norwegian NRK.


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