Sunday, January 15, 2017

“Isabel” from Uddevalla bunkerläkarens victims – bbc Radio

It was in september 2015 as Isabel Eriksson, which is actually called something else, had an appointment with a new customer – bunkerläkaren. But this time ended up hit of pure horror.

the Doctor had charged her: on the strawberries spiked with sleeping pills. Isabel Eriksson was sedated to a farm outside the city of Kristianstad, where she was locked up in a bunker, locked behind five doors. When she awakes, she had a cannula in my arm, it was cold and dusty.

” I see a tin roof and a man sitting on a chair next to me and just looks at me.

” I didn’t know what would happen. If he would torture me, kill me or rape me.

Now have Isabel Eriksson written a book, “In the bunkerläkarens violence”, which is released in few days. Where she tells about how she thought during the six days she was locked up in the bunker, of how she managed to escape – but also about his growing up on a farm outside the City.

” We lived a bit outside of town in a large house with a private gym, sauna and a lovely large garden. Uddevalla was a good place to grow up, she writes, among other things.

today, she lives under protected identity. The reason is that she is terrified of the day bunkerläkaren coming out of jail.

“I’m really scared for when he comes out,” she said as she participated in the SVT Skavlan.

Bunkerläkaren was sentenced to ten years in prison, while the court of appeal in april 2016, reduced the sentence to eight years in prison for kidnapping.


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