Friday, December 26, 2014

After husbranden – Wadling apartment flooded – Aftonbladet

Freddie Wadling could have died when the villa burned down last summer.

Now the singer’s compensation apartment flooded, writes GT.

– It feels like that there is someone up there who messing says he told the newspaper.

An accident seldom comes alone.

Freddie Wadling , 63, was rescued from his burning house in July and was nursed then hospitalized for burns.

After spending some time at the hotel could singer and his wife Bella Wadling to move into a replacement apartment in Frölunda.

But on another day flooded the apartment over reports GT.

According to the newspaper Freddie Wadling distressed.

– Just take it and try to do something about the situation. It feels like there is someone up there that messing with us. I know of no greater support from the higher powers, he says to the GT.

“We took nothing”

The water must have gushed into the apartment from the ceiling and the floor is reported to be destroyed. The newspaper writes that the couple Wadling contract extends to March 1.

how to deal with their new accommodation crisis is at present unclear.

– I do not know, we have not had time to think about it. This just came right on. We took nothing. Suddenly there was water on the floor and it just came more and more, says Freddie Wadling GT.

All possessions were destroyed

After the house in Långedrag burned down the singer spoke about the drama in Göteborgs-Posten, GP.

Then, he stated that all possessions destroyed in the flames.

– If you want to try to see something positive in this is that I feel quite free when all the material is gone. But I manage to just feel for a moment. For the most part it just feels sad that everything is gone, ‘he said then.


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