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The producer defends Historieätarna – Göteborgs-Posten

Never have Historieätarna attracted so many viewers and received such praise that right now. Meanwhile, SVT’s hit series has been criticized for joking delete the contents and for its “overall gender collapse”.

– People can think what they want. Humor is a great portal for knowledge, says producer Karin af Klintberg.

SVT’s popular historical infotainment series Historieätarna are on the tail end of his second season. The program where Erik Haag and Lotta Lundgren eat their way through different decades has been hailed far and wide, and after last season have sectioned at 845 000 viewers have been in the autumn approached 1.6 million.

– It is amazing! We are humble, grateful and very happy for such ratings. There is a fine proof of entertainment and information can actually work together, says Karin af Klintberg, director of the production company Thelma & amp; Louise makes the series for SVT.

Karin af Klintberg sees several reasons for the interest in Historieätarna exploded.

– The program has a human perspective, viewers will be very close to Lotta and Erik through food and we never cheat with their diet. Would we ever stick to them a treat for the hungry and we’ll show it in the picture.

The last program in the series is broadcast on December 29 and production company’s negotiations with SVT for a third season is not yet clear, but Karin af Klintberg believe and hope for one.

– It would be fun, we have several eras left to eat our way through. There is such a lot to talk about 1950 and I think the 1990s are also ready to attract the attention of Historieätarna.

If there will be a third season sees Karin af Klintberg no reason to change the approach or concept, although it also raised critical voices in the middle of the stream of praise.

DN’s heavy television pundits Johan Croneman interfere in that “nothing should be too serious or pretentious” and says that the program most is interested in “after the world’s prejudices – and dodgy memory. And right cheap good points.”

– Historieätarna evokes many emotions and it is interesting, but it is also the objective of all programs I do. We work with humor because it has a strong educational impact. In a laugh, you learn quickly and effectively. The humor of the series also makes it a program with children and young people watching, and happy with their parents. It means a lot to me.

In Aftonbladet goes Natalia Kazmierska even longer than Croneman and described the weekend Historieätarnas visit in the 1980s as an overall gender collapse but almost parodic stereotypes. “The female presenter Lotta Lundgren is passive and smile, and sets sedate questions about food and household. Her male colleague is contrary active and impusliv, takes place, fools, and necks constantly to their bare Mamelukes, probably in provocative purpose.”

The series ‘producer Karin af Klintberg states that everyone has the right to think what they want, but also emphasizes that she does not agree with the critics’ comments. At all.

– It is incomprehensible how an adult writer can sit and annoyed that we portray gender roles so that they actually have been. It is crazy to think that we are in a television series would rewrite history and not pretend that there have been housewives and boorish men. We can not pretend that there have been different.

– I also think that she has missed the important thing about the series, we are pushing the gender roles. There is no other program on SVT right now that takes up so many feminist views Historieätarna, we turn really dive into the gender problem. I am surprised that you can see so shallow and problem oriented on the program. Erik and Lotta exposes himself course of an experiment and the perception of gender roles is a necessary and important part of our past. As well as in our times.

– Personal attacks are also the easiest way to get many clicks today, and it’s tabloid columnists very well aware. It is a sad development of journalism.

Much of Lotta Lundgren and Erik Haag’s dialogue and actions in the program series improvised, but as a director is Karin af Klintberg that control and have the last word. It’s not that Erik Haag “fools himself and Capes” exactly as he wants.

– The program of the 80s, we wanted to make the discussion about the perception of male role a little extra clear. In the interview with historian Karin Johannison illustrates Erik the expert talk about, namely gaze on the man in the 80s. It was Lotta Lundgren’s idea and my decision. It is of course sad about a few reviewers did not like our program, but it’s just such approach that allows us attracts 1.6 million viewers, says Karin af Klintberg.


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