Thursday, December 25, 2014

It was a little anxiety-ridden “- Aftonbladet

The new movie “Mike & amp; Veronica “shows the intricacies of love between divorced 40-year-olds.

And a sex scene so embarrassing that the audience will turn.

– It was a little anxiety-ridden actually says Izabella Scorupco Nöjesbladet.

– We tried to find a stiffer place for the interview, but we did not succeed. The palace said no.

David Hellenius is in his jocular must mood when he and Izabella Scorupco hits Nöjesbladet in a hall at the Grand Hôtel.

Together they are present in the love comedy “Mike & amp; Veronica “. Mike is an average Joe to carpenters and Veronica from an upper class family. They are both divorced and have children of their own, and not surprisingly occurs clashes and conflicts in exactly all fronts when they fall in love.

This summer, commented David Hellenius filmhånglet with Scorupco for Nöjesbladet.

– The situation is too rigid to allow time to think “how do you feel here?” he said then.

“Anxiety Charged actually”

And whoever goes and sees video see even more intimate scenes – including a sex scene which, without revealing too much, will be extra embarrassment spiced by an unexpected audience.

– I have seen it several times, and even I think it’s bothersome, says David Hellenius.

– It was a little anxiety-ridden fact, when we think back. It was so sick absurd, says Izabella Scorupco.

– It was so close, as well. Starring here and there, what the hell, we made out the crap a lot. It was for real. But I’m so professional, so I would not get excited. Or? says Hellenius and laughs.

They remember both the stage as correct ridden with anxiety to record, but is clear that the film displays of affection feels “like to do something different” and not like real displays of affection.

David Hellenius is, as stated in his jocular must mood and ducks effectively the issue of how many times the scene needed to be taken.

– They said: we have it. Then we said: We have not really there, we take one more.


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