Rating: 2 of 6

As we were again at that time of year when people filmed comedy haunts our cinemas. “Mike & amp; Veronica “, by the team behind” A Midsummer Night’s Party “and” One for the money “is, above all, to talk Hollywood Arts, a hemsnickrad star vehicle for Izabella Scorupco, as this has hantverkarsex with David Hellenius.

Mike (Hellenius) is namely artisans, and Veronica (Scorupco) is a surgeon. They meet when he should change her countertops. Already at the front door arises a click-torque absolutely smacks of six. Now this is an Allowed for film, but we should at least understand that, in theory oozes sex. But will the relationship going to work even outside the bedroom? Mike and Veronica’re from completely different social classes.

They also divorced each with their own children, Fanny and Alexander. Because Mike is working he does not understand what’s so funny about the name of the combination (however, he has a New Yorker covers framed on the wall!). The kids hate each other naturally.

Either way, the whole the newly compiled family enjoying vacation in Bohuslän, where Veronica’s wealthy parents (Suzanne Reuter, Claes Ljungmark) has his summer residence. Is piling up immediately when Mike lie and say he’s cardiologist. In addition pops his messed up and embarrassing father (Philip Zandén) suddenly up, even though Mike said Veronica (and his twelve year old daughter!) That he is dead. This is not at all good, because Mike and Veronica promised to be honest with each other. Who is really Mikey?

What I know is all case that David Hellenius is the host and not an actor. And this rough-hewn script had enough after all lift a few millimeters if he had been there. Otherwise I have never seen that one managed to squeeze in as many different Stockholm Scenes in the same movie. Congratulations to the Stockholm Film Commission.