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Helena Bergström: “Now I can tell” – Expressen

Tonight is the time premiere of “Stars in the Castle” . First up is the actress Helena Bergström, which reveals both family secrets and how she attacked Colin Nutley in an elevator.

Kvällsposten she talks about why she is so afraid of the program, how she may love to bloom and if fortune of completing 50th

– It was a pivotal point. Now I can tell you it has been and then move on, says the star to the Evening Post.

Tonight is the premiere of the popular SVT program “Stars in the Castle”, recorded on Bjärsjölagård Castle outside Sjöbo. In the first section, the actress Helena Bergström, who are the focus.

– It is very exciting. I’ve been looking forward to this with some kind of mixed emotions, says Helena to participate in the program.

It was far from obvious for her to stand up, she admits.

– No, this is a program that many in my industry are very afraid, this whole integrity of the piece that you want to hold on. There were a few weeks after I thanked me who I thought “what have I done?”. Then when the whole gang was finished, I felt like it would be exciting. Though then I thought again, “no, what have I done?”.

Pocket with their friend

Helena Bergström was a crucial factor that she accepted that she managed to get their friend and “House of Angels” -kollegan Rikard Wolff on the train, which she describes as secure. Another security she has found within himself, in that she has filled the 50th

– I thought it was very nice to fill the 50, it became a breakpoint. Now I can tell you it has been and then move on to what is. I feel I have a backpack with the things you have done, you have an experience to talk outside.

To belong to an older generation has also given her the strength to say no to things she did not want to do and that lead his life in a new direction, she says. Personally, she is very up to 82-year-old actress Harriet Andersson, who is also participating in the program.

– To be able to hear Harriet talk, and his life and his experiences are worth gold.

She adds:

– There are few programs where you get to speak to the point and actually get to have a deep conversation about his profession, although it is also about one’s personal life and childhood and all this stuff.

Reveals family secret

How much Helena Bergström will tell you about his private life remains to be seen, but among other things, she reveals a family secret. Viewers get even know how she fell Colin Nutley in an elevator, which began their extramarital romance that lasted during the filming of “House of Angels”. But Colin Nutley’s not worried about his wife’s involvement in the program.

– He is very cool with all that. In this program, I will not talk about how Colin cleans, for he does not, says Helena jokingly.

The couple met in 1990, celebrates its 25th anniversary next year.

How do you love to flourish year after year?

– Blossoming I do not know, haha, now comes the first scandal! No, but we have so much fun together and we talk a lot about different people. We have a call in progress all the time, that’s probably what did it have stayed. And we are very dear family both. Now he has also become extremely djurkär. He did not want the dog at first but now we have our third dog.


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