Sunday, December 21, 2014

A or E – quandary for Academy – Västerbotten Courier

“Permanent” or “independent” Secretary? The appointment of Sara Danius new permanent secretary raises a question of linguistic nature. Since she is the first woman ever to be Swedish Academy spokesperson outwardly it is tempting to think that the adjective should be bent feminine, ie with an “a” at the end.

Now, Academy investigate the matter.

– “The Permanent Secretary” has always been a synonym, but now there is perhaps reason to use a feminine bending. One should of course say how one wishes, but the Academy will come with a recommendation in early spring, says Odd Zschierdrich, Office manager, said.

It was during the Academy’s traditional ceremonial meeting on Saturday night as permanent secretary Peter Englund announced he stops. He will be replaced by Sara Danius July 1.


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